• How To Ride A Fixed Gear In Traffic And Still Survive?
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    Many articles, blogs and features have been written about riding a fixed gear bike in congested traffic conditions. But no amount of advice will ever be enough as it is a near death experience that one will get if things are taken for granted. Riding a fixed gear bike gives the best experience of riding. It is smooth, hassle free and almost similar to flying without wings. But the ride is going to be good only if you know how to stay safe on the road. So, here are some more tips to survive a ride in city traffic on a fixed gear bike.

    Start early or wait till dusk: Traffic will be lean during daybreak or during late night. Riding single speed bikes is best during these times when the roads will have less traffic density. Moreover, you will have the freedom and the courage to take blind turns without having the risk of being knocked down by a cabbie. Say no to headphones: Take a rough count of all road accidents, and it is sure that most of them have happened to riders who had earphones plugged into their ears. These tiny instruments spewing blaring music are best left at home for riders who use single speed bike parts, at this website. Headphones can divert your focus and make you more prone to jumping signals or even miss the horn of an oncoming vehicle. Moreover, the cacophony of the traffic is more than enough to drown your headphone music, so why have the trouble of wearing tangling headphones? Better leave them at home.

    Consider helmet as your best friend: Best friends hold your stand in times of danger and that’s what helmets do exactly too. They save your head from injuries. Even the slightest fall from a bike can cause brain hemorrhage or skull damage. But with helmet on, you can save yourself from any sort of injury that will enroute your bike ride. Wearing a helmet does not assure that you will be free of accidents, but it at least ensures that you minimize the scope of grave injuries.

    Follow road etiquette, stick to bike lanes. If you are lucky enough to live in a country where separate bike lanes exist, consider yourself lucky. Bike lanes are the safest and most convenient of bike commute. Hence, stick to them religiously and protect yourself from any possible mishaps. Bike lanes will have obstacles; still they are a far better choice than competing with steel cars that can maul you down anytime at free will. Moreover, lanes will keep you safe from buses and large trucks which cannot see if a bike is passing by its side. Riding a fixed gear bike needs guts, more than you need lots of safety gear; make sure you get your helmets, gloves and pads in place before pushing the pedal.